A quick primer on getting around and some fast facts about Colorado and Denver that you should know!


Property tax rates are some of the lowest in the country.


Average incomes in Colorado are higher than the national average.


There's a flat sales tax, but some cities/counties can levy their own taxes on your purchases.


Marijuana is legal, but make sure you know and follow the laws!


The altitude may take some getting used to - remember, we're at 5280 here, so don't plan on taking that 10,000 ft in the air hike until you've got the lower elevations down!


The job market is booming, and we love it! Denver ranks 4th highest in job satisfaction in the country.


Take it slow while driving in snow and ice - it takes some getting used to, so give yourself plenty of time.


We're in a dry desert, so stock up on lotion, Chapstick, and drink plenty of water!


We have over 300 days of sunshine a year, so grab the sunblock!


Home values are appreciating at a rapid rate, don't wait for the market before you start making moves!


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The main N-S highway is I-25, which runs across the state, from top to bottom. The major E-W highway is I-70, which will take you through the mountains to Utah, or Eastward to Kansas. Be aware of the toll road around town, E-470, which forms a semi-circle from Broomfield all the way to Lone Tree – it passes in front of the airport, too, making it a quick option to make your flight on time!


Other major highways to get around include US-6, US-36, C-470 (not a toll road!), US 285, and I-225.

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Got a flight to catch? Chances are you’ll catch it at Denver International Airport, or DIA. While conspiracy theorists have plenty of ideas about this place, the facts are you’ll find tons of shopping, restaurants, and places to relax here. In the winter, there’s even an ice rink! And in summer, a beer garden! Take the A-line train and it brings you right to the terminal – travel doesn’t get any easier than that! (And yes, we ALL hate the blue bronco, “Bluecifer” at the entrance)

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Near downtown and the universities, you’ll find bikes and scooters available to zip around town – just download the app and go – be sure to follow all rules and laws associated.

Denver B-Cycle

Bird Scooters

Lime Bikes & Scooters

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Use your Uber and Lyft apps to get around Denver! Both are readily available here, including to/from the airport and other major city attractions.



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The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the metro area’s bus and rail operators. With 11 rail lines and numerous bus routes, RTD makes it easy to get around the city. RTD is currently expanding the rail system, with new routes slated to open soon.

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Prefer to stay close to the ground? Amtrak has you covered. Leaving from Union Station in LoDo, The California Zephyr line from Amtrak comes in and heads West or East. You can even grab the Winter Park Ski Train in winter – just bring your gear and hop aboard!

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Winters in Colorado can be brutal, and driving in it is no joke. Legislators agreed, and as of August 2, 2019, a new traction law has gone into place. Be sure to know and understand the law before driving under conditions:


During an active Traction Law:


Drivers must have either snow tires, tires with the mud/snow designation, or a four wheel/all-wheel drive vehicle.


In winter months, a driver must have a minimum tread depth of 3/16th of an inch. You can also install chains or alternative traction devices to be compliant.


 Failure to abide by the law can result in fines anywhere from $130-$650.